6 Weeks Challenge – Fit And Fearless
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6 Weeks Challenge

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 Fit and Fearless 6 Week Challenge Program

What we are looking for:

15 Individuals who are willing to attend class 3x/wk for 6 weeks. We offer co-ed and ladies only classes.


Commitment. Anyone can go online, sign up for something and say they are going to do it – but we don’t want just anyone.


You must be willing to dial in your diet. Whether your goal is to loose weight, tone up, build muscle or just learn a new life skill – having the proper diet to fuel your body is vital.


Must enjoy working in a class setting. When the music is up and energy is high, the group environment is what is going to help you push yourself to that next level you are searching for.

What’s in it for you?

Coaches who are dedicated to your success. We will be there from day 1 as available resources for you to understand everything you are feeling along the way. We teach you proper forms of movement, push you to your limits every class and show you how to take care of your body and remain injury free!


Nutrition guidance. This program isn’t just a 6 week bootcamp; it’s a lifestyle transition. We will provide you with an easy to follow template personalized for you based off of your age, weight, gender, goals and activity levels. Diet isn’t a one size fits all, so we want to help you find what makes you feel the best.


The workouts are modified to fit your skill level. This program is structured to meet you right where you are at and bring you forward from there. In classes we will do a combination of high intensity interval training and Krav Maga combatives.

Are you ready to get in shape, learn self-defense and have fun doing it?

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