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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - See you at The Little Darlin'

    See you at The Little Darlin'


    June 29, 2018 at 7:30pm The Little Darlin’
    6507 Circle S Road Austin, Texas 78745 Come hang out with us! We’ll be sitting outside, enjoying beverages and delicious food. Bring your kiddos and pups! (Please note: The Little Darlin’ becomes strictly 21+ AFTER 9pm.) ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Congratulations Amie!

    Congratulations Amie!

    Amie is our June Member of the Month! You’ve seen Amie Cantello in all our classes—self defense, fitness, and fighting. She’s a badass mom who pushes herself in every class, always has a smile on her face, and goes out of her way to participate in our community meetups. One instructor had this to say: “I remember when she first joined to now… so much about her has changed. She carries herself stronger and with more confidence now.” She’s the embodiment of what it means to do the work and see the benefits. Beyond how she’s made herself stronger, she’s made our community stronger too. She actively gives her time, her ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Yard Bar, this Saturday!

    Yard Bar, this Saturday!


    6700 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757 Saturday, May 19 from 4-6pm
    Dog park! Beverages! Food! Fight friends! Day passes are $5.50 per dog! Humans are free. Please note: Yard Bar is a 21+ establishment. ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - May Member of the Month - Sonny!

    May Member of the Month - Sonny!

    One of our most loyal, dedicated, and hard working students at Fit and Fearless, Sonny is always willing to give you a challenging round in sparring. During open mat, he’s usually the first one on the mat and the last to leave. He’s a truly kind and generous partner to work with and he’s always sharing what he knows. And if you haven’t heard him play, you should know he’s an exceptional musician. You can catch him Tuesdays (9:30pm) and Wednesdays (10pm) at Bat Bar, and Sundays (9pm) at Recess Bar. We wouldn't be who we are without people like you, Sonny. Thank you for being a part of the Fit and Fearless family. ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - April 29th! Nerf Wars :)

    April 29th! Nerf Wars :)

    Action movies will be playing in the lobby to help you prepare for your battle. There will also be pizza. B.Y.O.B. if you'd like. Try not to aim like a storm trooper. Battles will be waged on a first come first served basis, and begin at 3pm. ....

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  • Teen and Youth Summer Special!

    Our youth and teen classes teach self defense in a fun and safe environment. Sign your family up now, and take advantage of our summer special! Space is limited, click here and sign up! ....

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  • So, who is Jeff Mount, and what is this seminar all about?

    With all the hype around our upcoming seminar, you may be wondering who Jeff Mount is, and why we are all so excited to have him come teach us. Here's everything you need to know:

    The seminar has two options for sign-up:
    Multiple Attackers only, from 9-1pm for $99

    Full day, (Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons) from 9-6pm

    The Multiple Attackers portion will be covering the following :

    Pre-attack setup dynamics

    Types of multiple attacker threats: abduction, gang attacks, etc.

    Prioritizing threats on the fly

    Stacking and aligning multiple attackers

    Dealing with multiple armed attackers
    After this portion of the seminar, we'll have a ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Congratulations Kelly!

    Congratulations Kelly!

    Kelly Barr is a fantastic student to have in class. He's a small business owner ( Tried and True Barber & Tattoo ) and has asthma. He has more excuses to be busy or unable to train than most people, and he still shows up at every opportunity. He works hard, he's a great partner, and he's the friendliest old punk you'll ever meet. Also, if you're anywhere near him in a bar, he'll buy you your favorite drink. Here's to Kelly! ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - WWW April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    WWW April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Join us Wednesdays at 7:45pm for April's Wonder Woman Wednesday! The theme this month is sexual assault awareness. Throughout the month, we will be covering the following topics : *Grooming (when a predator is testing what a target will allow) *Striking *Hair pull and wrist grab Defenses *Defenses on the ground and against walls * Much more! The first Wednesday of the month is FREE! All other WWW classes have a $15 drop in fee. ....

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