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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Instructor Highlight - Michelle Windle

    Instructor Highlight - Michelle Windle

    Meet Michelle Windle , Krav Maga and Yoga Instructor at Fit and Fearless!
    Michelle has been a Krav Maga instructor with Fit and Fearless since 2010 and got her yoga certification from Yoga Yoga in 2017. Michelle is definitely the strong silent type around the gym, so we were very excited to talk with her and learn a little bit more about her training and path to becoming an instructor. What brought you to Fit and Fearless?
    I used to be in the military. It’s kind of strange because I didn’t grow up playing sports, or like getting dirty. I didn’t know how to do even one push-up. My job was a Chaplain assistant. A couple of my Chaplains didn’t carry a ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Instructor Highlight - Brett Smith!

    Instructor Highlight - Brett Smith!

    Hi there. My name is Brett Smith and I’m a fitness and Krav Maga instructor at Fit and Fearless. I’ve lived in Austin for about 3 years. I’m originally from Lubbock, Texas where I went to college at Lubbock Christian University. In Lubbock I worked in the nonprofit and education worlds, where I found it wasn’t really my passion, so I pursued a career in the firearms industry. I worked in various retailers as a salesmen and manager for years before I started at my job here in Austin, with a large corporate holding company of pawn shops. The essential focus of my job is to ensure the compliance of pawn shops with all federal, state and local regulations to make sure ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Bar Fight Seminar - Be there!

    Bar Fight Seminar - Be there!

    The Bar Fight Seminar provides realistic training in a public place. We will learn how to defend during common fight scenarios, as well as how to manage in a crowd and how to deescalate a situation. Please wear whatever you would typically wear for a night out on the town—jeans, dress shoes, dresses or skirts, button-down shirts, etc.—to provide the most realistic training. Previous Krav Maga training required.
    After the seminar, we will stay at The Liberty for our monthly Meet N Greet. Cost: $119. Includes one drink ticket for the Meet N Greet afterward. Sign up HERE ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - IT'S STREET CLOTHES WEEK (September 16 - 22nd)

    IT'S STREET CLOTHES WEEK (September 16 - 22nd)

    Come and train in your everydayclothesand learn about the restrictions they may cause and how to work around them. Bring backpacks, purses, hoodies, coats, gloves! *Wedges are a great option for the mats if you would like to train in some type of heel. Stiletto/spiky heels/shoes will not be allowed on the mats (they poke holes in it). **Don't wear anything you'd be upset about possibly getting ripped. We don't want your favoriteclothesor bags to be ruined. We will end the week with our annual Bar Fight Seminar! ....

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  • Congratulations Rachel!!!!

    Congratulations to the September Member of the Month—Rachel Hammond! Rachel trains regularly and is beyond motivational for her classmates. Even while recovering from an injury, Rachel still attended open mat to cheer everyone on. Outside of her training, Rachel is a passionate photographer. Fit and Fearless has featured her work many times. Her ability to capture the true essence of Krav Maga and Fit and Fearless in her photos is a skill you won't learn in a classroom. We are grateful for you, Rachel, and for everything you bring to our community. Thank you for sharing your passion with us! You can check out Rachel's photography here: Rachel's Twitter Rachel's ....

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  • Are you ready?

    “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee We have a Level 1 Belt Test coming up and our second 2-hour review session is around the corner, this Saturday! Belt tests are an exciting opportunity to test your might and prove your proficiency in Krav Maga techniques. The review gives us an opportunity to assess your “readiness” to go through a 7-9 hour day of testing. We will not tell you to submit yourself to this process if we are not confident that you are ready to take a test and likely pass. Proficiency of Krav Maga techniques is ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Congratulations Trent!!!!

    Congratulations Trent!!!!

    August Member of the Month TRENT SCHULZE
    Trent has been a member at FnF for more than two years, and he has amazing dedication to the program and his training. Recently, Trent has come back from an injury to his hand that required surgery, and he has approached his comeback with determination and a strong commitment to himself and his goals. You will not have the pleasure of meeting or training with a nicer person than Trent. He is always encouraging to his training partners and always a pleasure to have in class. Keep up the great work, T! We are all looking forward to watching your continued success and progress in your Krav Maga, fitness, and fighting journey! Thank you ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Punch N Lunch!

    Punch N Lunch!

    Join us for our Level 1/2 class on Sunday Aug 26 @ 1 p.m. and stick around afterward to share a meal and mingle with your FnF family. Coming alone? Purchase a single BBQ plate or Vegetarian plate for $8 OR bring a friend to take class with you and you both eat for free! (We really like friends.) Register HERE
    Registration options:
    Pick either BBQ or vegetarian for you and your friend, if you would like for one of you to have BBQ and the other to have Vegetarian, please email after you register to clarify. This is just so we know how much food to purchase! Lunch will be catered by Tiny's BBQ ....

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