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ALL IN- 6 Week Fitness Challenge

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What better motivator to help you reach your goals than your hard earned money? Research shows people feel better about their fitness efforts by just paying for a gym membership whether they go to the gym or not! Well, we don’t just want your money – we want you to get results, learn life saving skills and have fun doing it!

So here’s how it works:

The cost for the challenge is $250

Includes: 3 classes a week, you pick any 3 from our schedule located here:

Must select from: Krav Maga, KravFit, KM Bag, KravFit or Combatives Conditioning. You also have access to our Yoga and Mobility & Meditation classes but those do not count as your challenge classes – they are just bonus classes.

We will also give you a meal plan to follow . We have a meat based, performance based and vegan based option for you to select from. You will need to record your meals in MyFitnessPal so we know you are following the diet. We will show you how to set this up.

*Note: The meal plan is not a crash diet – it’s clean, healthy eating. Our goal is to show you how to make healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick with in the long run, not just for 6 weeks.

What can you expect after 6 weeks of classes and diet changes? RESULTS!

If your goal is weight loss, on average our students loose around 3 inches off their waist and between 10-25lbs (obviously this depends on your starting point)

If your goal is to build muscle, tone up, and get stronger – this is guaranteed.

If your goal is to learn a life skill like self-defense and feel more confident – this is also guaranteed.

Here’s where you go all in: The cost of the challenge is only $250 – which gives you access to all of the above. But you are going to give us $500. If you attend 3 classes a week and track your meals (its ok if you stray – but we want to know that you made an effort and we want you to become mindful of what you are eating) then you get the extra $250 back at the end of the challenge. If you don’t, well, you don’t get your money back (but it can be applied to a FnF membership, so it’s really a win-win situation.) You MUST attend 3 classes a week, no exceptions. It’s not 18 classes total, but 3 classes each week for 6 weeks.

There’s no catch, we aren’t trying to trick you out of your money – we genuinely want you to reach your goal! You’re already paying us $250 for our services – the other $250 is all on you. Either you want results and you want your money back – or you don’t.

Money-Back Guarantee: Here’s the kicker, if you follow the meal plan and attend 3 classes a week and don’t see any of the results you were looking for and feel fantastic overall – we will give you your money back. (The entire $500). It’s here in writing, so you can hold us to it. We’re that confident in what we have to offer. After you complete your registration, a Fit and Fearless staff member will be in touch to set up your initial consultation. We will take your body measurements and go over the meal plan and tracking info with you.

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

The challenge begins May 15th. Are you in?

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