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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Revised SXSW Schedule

    Revised SXSW Schedule

    Fit and Fearless will be on a revised schedule next week due to SXSW. We hope everyone has a great time! ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    Join us Saturday, March 31st at 9am for our third annual Easter Egg Hunt! We are excited to announce that in addition to the adult easter egg hunt we do every year, we will also be offering a children's version. The kids version will be a special KM Kids class tailored to the Easter Theme, with an egg hunt during class. This is not your typical Easter Egg Hunt! All of the eggs (children's and adult's) will either contain prizes or a short workout that must be done before moving on! This special class/hunt is FREE, but space is limited. Get your tickets here! ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Wonder Woman Wednesday MARCH

    Wonder Woman Wednesday MARCH

    Wonder Women Wednesday is held every Wednesday at 7:45pm. Each month has a theme that we focus and build on. The theme for March is Fighting on the Ground. WWW is open to anyone in the community who identifies as female. We offer a safe and welcoming environment for those with years of training or no experience at all. The first Wednesday of the month is free to attend, and the other Wednesdays are open for $15 drop-ins. ....

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  • Squat modifications

    As we reach the mid point in our squat challenge, it's important to remember to modify and take care of your body! ....

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  • January Member of the Month!!!!

    Congratulations Emily Ledoux, you are the January 2018 member of the month! Emily re-enrolled at Fit and Fearless about 10 weeks ago, and has impressed us with her hard work and dedication ever since. She has been a great brand ambassador in her short time here, and we are honored to have her as part of our Fit and Fearless Family. One of the things that stood out the most, was her willingness to get out of her comfort zone and try out Sparring and Open Mat. Thank you for showing others the path to being Fit and Fearless, Emily! Emily IS Fit and Fearless. Photo Credit : Rachel Hammond ....

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  • What is Weapons class?

    We've been receiving a lot of excited questions about our new Level 2+ Weapons Class, on Thursdays at 6:45. We asked the creator and instructor of the class, Francisco to give us a short description to share with everyone:
    Weapons class covers Krav Maga defenses against a wide range of weapon threats and attacks, including: knife, handgun, long gun, stick or other blunt object, and edged weapons such as axe or sword defenses. Students will learn weapon disarms, basic use of weapons for self defense, tactics for situations such as multiple attackers, active shooter(s), 3rd party protection, and much more!

    See you in class :)

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - WWW February!

    WWW February!

    The theme for February's Wonder Woman Wednesdays is Empowerment. That can mean many things to people, and we want to support your journey to be empowered in all ways possible. Body Bloom ATX will be hosting Twerk N' Burn classes in our location at 6:45pm, starting this week, making Wonder Woman Wednesday a little bit sweeter. In February, we will be going over ways to defend yourselves from all the suitors who may attempt to rudely interrupt your path to empowerment, as you show off your new twerk skills on the dance floor! Come shake some @$$ in TnB and then kick some @$$ in WWW! ....

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  •  in Austin - Fit & Fearless - Holiday hours

    Holiday hours

    Don't forget our holiday hours! See you all at our new location on January 2nd! ....

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