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We offer several fitness-focused classes that get you into fighting shape!

Combatives Conditioning

In Combatives Conditioning, we use Krav Maga, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling drills to improve your speed, endurance, and explosiveness. You could be hitting focus mitts, Thai pads, punch shields, or the heavy bag, but you’re going to be hitting something. Fight-focused drills are alternated with a range of body weight exercises and high-intensity intervals. This class will help you improve your overall conditioning to be better, faster, and stronger when put to the test . . . with the secondary benefit that you can get super fit, too!

Boxing gloves or bag gloves are required.

Yoga for Strength and Recovery

In this beginner-friendly yoga class, you will work on good alignment, core strength, and mobility to support your krav habit. Build a strong base from which to punch and kick your enemies, and recover from all that hard work. Bring a yoga mat if you have one, but it’s not required.

KM Bag

Where fitness meets fighting! Heavy bags, medicine balls, kettle bells, and jump ropes are just a few of the things you might get your hands on in. KM Bag classes feature a combination of strength training, dynamic flexibility, and bag work. You’ll learn correct alignment to maximize efficiency and refine your Krav Maga techniques through repetition, drills, and punch/kick/knee/elbow combinations.

Boxing gloves or bag gloves are required.


CrossFit without barbells and bag class without the punching and kicking. Get the high-intensity functional movement without barbells and a cardio workout without the heavy weight. All movements are scalable, so no matter what your fitness level is, this is the class for you.