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How to Deal with Bullies: Top 10 Smart Ways That Build Confidence


How to Deal with Bullies: Top 10 Smart Ways That Build Confidence

Bullies are a universal problem, but schools seem to have it the worst.

Bullies roam the halls, looking for weak kids to prey upon. “Weak” doesn’t necessarily have to do with strength, either. Sometimes “weak” means lacking self-confidence, and bullies can sniff this out from a mile away.

What are some ways that your child can keep bullies at bay? How can children navigate the halls of the school and feel safe?

Here are the top 10 ways to deal with bullies smartly, with an emphasis on self-defense tips, confidence, and building kids up when bullies are tearing them down.

Learn the Top 10 Self-Defense Tips to Overcome Bullying

1.    Encourage Honest Talk

Cultivate an environment where your kids feel comfortable talking about school and coming to you for help and advice. The only way you might ever learn that your child is being bullied is from their lips.

If you suspect bullying, approach them in an open, calm, supportive manner. It can be a load off a child’s shoulders to be able to speak about it. This is the start of fixing the problem.

2.    Teach Respect and Anti-Bullying

A child who has respect and empathy for other people will be able to handle a bully better. They’ll be better equipped to understand a bully’s behavior, especially the fact that bullying is never the fault of the bullied.

Teaching anti-bullying, in particular, ensures that your child will never resort to becoming the bully themselves.

3.    Be a Role Model

Your child looks to you for how to act and what to say in various situations. Be a positive role model and consciously treat people the way you want your kids to treat people.

4.    Build Their Confidence

Kids who are confident in themselves and their abilities aren’t targets for bullies. But how do you build your kids’ confidence?

For starters, enroll them in self-defense classes. They’ll learn valuable skills like discipline, goal-setting, and of course, how to defend themselves, which will help make them feel safer in any situation. Points 5, 6, and 7 are also excellent confidence-builders.

5.    Encourage Their Passions

A child’s passion gives them something to focus on and look forward to, not to mention an opportunity to make like-minded friends. If your child shows interest and aptitude for something, encourage them. Sign them up for classes. Praise them when they do something that they love well. This is a great way to build confidence.

6.    Give Them Opportunities to Build Friendships

A kid with few friends is a target for bullies. Unfortunately, kids who lack self-confidence may struggle to build friendships because, at some level, they feel unworthy. Point 5 is a wonderful start for cultivating friendships.

7.    Teach Your Child How to Handle Difficult People

Your child can learn how to handle being confronted by a bully. Go through pretend scenarios with them and practice what they can do and say. Help them learn how to stand up for themselves in a calm manner. This way, when the time comes, they’ll feel more confident in their ability.

8.    Build Up Their Leadership Skills

Once their confidence is higher, kids can gain valuable leadership skills. For instance, standing up for others in a calm, assertive manner, taking charge of a situation, and adopting an encouraging attitude are ways kids can lead.

How do you build leadership? Classes that teach self-defense tips and skills can help, for instance, because kids learn how to work together to gain defense techniques in a safe environment.

9.    Let Your Child Know You Support Them

A bullied child often feels alone. If you know your child is facing a bully every day at school, do your best to show that you’re 100 percent behind them, that you want to help them, and that you’re actively working on solutions together.

10. Report Repeated Bullying

Report bullying incidences to the school. Sometimes teachers are so busy handling hundreds of students that they might miss a bullying problem. Bringing it to their attention can help them intervene.

Leadership Skills Go a Long Way

One big part of an anti-bullying plan can involve signing up your kids for self-defense classes. Fit & Fearless offers Youth and Teen Krav Maga classes that will give your children a lot of the skills they need to avoid bullying: leadership, cooperation, discipline, self-confidence, and pride.

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