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All Krav Maga classes aim to give you tools for defending yourself. Along with combative and defensive techniques, we teach you to be aggressive in the face of an attack, to fight through fear and confusion and go home safe. As you progress through the system, you learn more strategy and tactics and how to apply those with a cool head in a violent situation.

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Teen Krav Maga


Teens learn self-defense and anti-bullying skills. They learn combatives and defenses, and they apply those things in drills and games that integrate martial skill. They also develop leadership skills by learning how to work well with others.

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In Youth Krav Maga, kids (ages 6 to 12) learn real-world self-defense skills. They get fit while learning combatives, working on defenses, and playing games that integrate martial skill.

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The focus of this beginner-friendly yoga class is strength and recovery. You will work on good alignment, core strength, and mobility to support your Krav Maga habit. Build a strong base from which to punch and kick your enemies, and recover from all that destruction.

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We offer a unique opportunity for Krav Maga students with these ground fighting classes that are open to all levels. Get ahead on learning ground fighting techniques from instructors who are experts in both Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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In Combatives Conditioning, we use Krav Maga, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling drills to improve your speed, endurance, and explosiveness. You could be hitting focus mitts, Thai pads, punch shields, or the heavy bag, but you’re going to be hitting something.

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Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great option for anyone whose schedule might not allow them to train in our regularly scheduled classes or for anyone looking to compliment their regular training with some extra one-on-one time with one of our instructors.

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Corporate Programs/Seminars


Fit and Fearless offers on and off-site seminars and on-going classes for large groups. Krav Maga is a great fitness option to offer to your employees and will help to improve safety in the workplace.

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Wonder Women Wednesday


Wonder Women Wednesday is our ladies only Krav Maga class that is offered the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm.This class is free and open to anyone in the community who identifies as female.

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