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Krav Maga Classes

  • Krav Maga – Level 1

    This entry-level class is designed for all new Krav Maga students. The goal of the class is to teach the basics of self-defense and fighting. Students will learn Krav Maga's fighting stance and movement, various punches, kicks from standing position as well as from on the ground, elbows and knees, and how to defend against punches, chokes, headlocks and wrist grabs. Students who train an average of two to three times per week should expect to complete the curriculum in four months before testing into KM Level 2.
  • Krav Maga – Level 2

    Upon completing KM Level 1, students will participate in a Yellow Belt workshop and test into KM Level 2. In this intermediate level class, students will continue to review and hone the skills learned in KM Level 1, as well as learn additional punches and kicks, punch defenses with counterattacks, kick defenses, and defenses against various chokes, headlocks, and bear hugs. Students who train an average of two to three times per week should expect to complete the curriculum for this level in six months before testing into KM Level 3.
  • Krav Maga - Level 3

    Upon completion of KM Level 2, students will test into KM Level 3. In this intermediate class students will continue to train on strikes, defenses against strikes, and self defense, including more advanced techniques that involve defending against weapons such as knives, guns, and sticks. Students who train two to three times per week should expect to be ready to test for Green Belt in nine months.
  • Krav Maga – Level 4

    This class was designed specifically for Green Belt students interested in more advanced training with emphasis on Blue Belt techniques. The curriculum includes additional punches and kicks, more defenses against punches and kicks, defenses against knives, guns, and sticks, as well as advanced ground-fighting techniques. Green Belt students are encouraged to continue training in KM Level 3 classes as well. Students who train two to three times per week should expect to be ready to test for Blue Belt in twelve months.
  • Krav Maga – All Levels

    Suitable for all Members - this class encompasses all material.

Additional self-defense and fighting classes:

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training

    This class focuses on developing all aspects of martial arts from Muay Thai and boxing to wrestling, BJJ, and submission grappling. In addition to learning how to integrate all of the aforementioned styles into one highly effective system, this class focuses on conditioning drills and skill acquisition exercises used by professional mixed martial arts fighters.
  • Shebaro Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

    To become a complete fighter you must know how to fight on the ground. Although Krav Maga does offer very effective ground fighting techniques in KM classes, this class is designed to focus on just grappling.

    Shebaro (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu is a top-dominant self defense system and grappling sport that focuses on ground fighting, using various throws, grappling techniques and submission holds.

Krav Maga Fitness Conditioning Classes

  • Krav Maga – KM Bag

    Where fitness meets fighting!

    Heavy bags, Medicine balls, Kettle bells and jump ropes are just a few of the tools used in this class.

    This class features a combination of strength training, dynamic flexibility, and heavy bag work. The focus of this class is to emphasize muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Students will learn correct body alignment to maximize efficiency, while refining Krav Maga technique through repetition, drills, and punch kick combinations on the bag. Boxing gloves or bag gloves are required.

  • Combat Conditioning:

    Who knows what you're gonna get in this class. Constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. Our weapons of choice include punch/kick combinations, knees and elbows, and a variety of body-weight exercises to make you lean, hard, strong, and fast. Aerobic training and anaerobic drills create big gains in endurance and stamina.


Krav Maga
2 classes per week
79.99 per month
Krav Maga Unlimited
Unlimited classes per week
$99.99 per month
Enrollment Fee
Includes private lesson and start-up gear (hand wraps, mouthpiece, t-shirt).
$49 one time

*These membership rates reflect a 1 year membership agreement.
**First Responders receive a discount, inquire with us for a price.