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Steve Gordon – Krav Maga Instructor


I started Training BJJ in the Fall of 1999 at Southwest Texas State University with Professor Alan Shebaro (Purple belt at the time). I started training Krav Maga in 2006 at Texas DPS Academy and continued here at Fit and Fearless the following year. (2007)

Why did I start training? I have been involved in martial arts for most of my life. I started training When I was 12 and as I got older wanted to focus on Self Defense. I believe that BJJ and Krav Maga are the two best systems out there for Self Defense.

I started teaching to broaden my understanding of BJJ and Krav Maga. I believe that teaching is an integral part of learning. You get a much deeper understanding of things after you have trained them for a while and then pass them on to your students. You also get a much stronger appreciation for the systems after you have taught them to someone and you see the confidence build in your students and their abilities. It's a great feeling and a lot of fun.