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Locally owned and operated for over 18 years

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At Fit and Fearless, we guarantee to get you into the best shape of your life, all while teaching you potentially life-saving self-defense. Our program is designed to improve not only your core strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular ability, but also to give you peace of mind. With the best Instructors and staff in the state, accompanied by a 10,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility, we guarantee to deliver a top quality professional product.

Whether you want to learn Krav Maga, ground fighting, sport fighting, or just improve your general physical health, our program is for you. Everything in our program is scalable to fit your needs, regardless of your current physical condition or experience level. We offer professional training for professional adults, and we look forward to accompanying you in your journey to becoming the most Fit and Fearless you possible.


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3701 Drossett Dr. Unit 140, Austin , Texas 78744

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