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Kali Seminar w/ Ray Parra

Kali Seminar w/ Ray Parra

Come add more tools to your tool box and expand your training with instruction from Kali instructor Ray Parra.

Ray was inducted into the Martial Arts and Boxing Hall of Fame, El Paso, Texas , due to accomplishments in the Arts and has provided extensive training to the US Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement.


The seminar will consist of:

Module 1: Double stick offensive and counter offensive drills also the application of empty hand and footwork

Module 2: Single stick angles of attack and counter attack drills to include locks, disarms and footwork

Module 3: Stick and knife, single and double knife angles of attack and counter attack drills

Module 4: Reflex drills putting it all together from the previous 3 modules

This 4 hour seminar is open to the public, no experience necessary.



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