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BJJ for Self-Defense

BJJ for Self-Defense

Learn when and how Jiu-Jitsu can come into play during a fight. We will cover what to do if you end up in a ground fight and how to get home safe.

This seminar will be led by the accomplished BJJ practitioner and instructor Lauren Sears.

This is a No Gi event.

About Lauren:
Lauren is a Blue belt under 1st degree black belt, Curtis Hembroff of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu ranked under Eddie Bravo.

Her BJJ accomplishments so far include:

2x Texas ground control 🥇
2x NAGA Championships🥇
Fight to win submission grappling🥇
Fight to win submission grappling absolute🥈
MAT Shark double 🥇🥇
2x ONNIT World Open purple-brown 🥈
Samurai Cup SA double 🥇🥇
NAGA absolute expert 🥈
Eddie Bravo Invitational women’s 115lb qualifiers invitee
WSOJJ Texas 120lb champion 🥇


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