March Wonder Woman Wednesday

March Wonder Woman Wednesday

The theme for WWW's in March will be Clothes & Accessories: How your clothes help and/or hinder your ability to defend yourself. Bring backpacks, purses, hoodies, coats, gloves!

*Wedges are a great option for the mats if you would like to train in some type of heel. Stiletto/spiky heels/shoes will not be allowed on the mats (they poke holes in it).

**Don't wear anything you'd be upset about possibly getting ripped. We don't want your favorite clothes or bags to be ruined.

*Please note there is no WWW on March 18th due to our revised SXSW schedule*

This Wednesday night series is open to the public and for women (and women identifying) only. The first Wednesday of the month is always FREE, every other Wednesday has a $15 drop in fee for non-members. We offer a safe and welcoming training environment, we hope you will join us.

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