Are you ready?

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee


We have a Level 1 Belt Test coming up and our second 2-hour review session is around the corner, this Saturday! Belt tests are an exciting opportunity to test your might and prove your proficiency in Krav Maga techniques.


The review gives us an opportunity to assess your “readiness” to go through a 7-9 hour day of testing. We will not tell you to submit yourself to this process if we are not confident that you are ready to take a test and likely pass.


Proficiency of Krav Maga techniques is achieved through training and mainly via:

  • Repetition of a technique, or an exercise that supports a technique, builds the “muscle” in muscle memory.

  • Pressure testing your defenses (aka, drills); a well-crafted drill simulates a fight (or a moment of a fight) and challenges your ability to perform a technical skill while simultaneously processing the information available in a dynamic and rapidly changing situation.


How well does your technique hold up when you’re exhausted? What about when you are stressed? If you’re caught off guard, how do you recover? If you “mess up” do you fight through and maintain your physical aggression?



The test is designed to help answer these questions and assess your ability to operate under the extreme stress of a violent encounter.


Here are a few indicators that you may not be ready to test:

  • If you look at the curriculum and there are multiple techniques that you “haven’t seen before” or you’ve seen it “maybe...3 months ago?”

  • You struggle to recognize when or why a technique is used

  • Your technique falls apart under fatigue or stress (recognition and in-the-middle drills)


Passing your test is not a sign of success, but of progress in your skills.

We may encounter violence or threats of violence anytime, no matter how long we’ve been training.

Real success is getting ourselves and our loved ones home safe.


You may not be ready and that is okay.

Our job is to do our best to ensure you are successful when it counts, in the streets.

Why else are you here?


“Krav Maga is not self-defense as much as it is a problem-solving system and the techniques [therein] are only the beginning of your understanding of self-defense, not the end.”


Remember why you train.

Remember why you sought out self-defense.


You are here to learn how to defend yourself.

You are here to learn how to defend those you care about.

You are here so that if SHTF in a life or death situation, you have a solution.  


You are here to learn Krav Maga.

We are here to help you learn.


Trust the process.

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