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Do you want to meet new people, push yourself to your limits, and have fun while you do it? 

How about joining in a little bit of friendly competition? ;)

We're building teams of 4-6 people to compete in the #Squadgoals Challenge. Each week will hold different challenges and points that can be earned. The team to accrue the most points in the 5 weeks wins!

The deets:

This competition is free to join, and is for members only.

Squads will be created by the FnF Staff and will be announced at least 48 hours before the competition begins. Choices will be made based off of entrants typical schedule, as certain challenges will require squads to take a class together. FnF will do its best to put you in a squad that takes classes at similar times to you, but can not make any guarantees.

Challenges will be released on a weekly basis. There will be individual challenges as well as challenges for the team each week. 

Scoreboards will be updated *at least* once per week. 

Winners will get:

Epic Bragging Rights!

Your squad’s photo, name and plaque placed on the FnF wall!

Half off your next month’s membership!

To enter, fill out the form below by April 28th and get your game face ready!

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