Training Programs Available at Fit and Fearless

Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga training at Fit and Fearless will equip you with the tools necessary to defend yourself against any real-world threat. You'll quickly master the most efficient and effective combat and defense strategies offered anywhere in all of Austin.

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Group Fitness

It's no secret that working out alongside a room full of classmates will boost your motivation and competitive nature, giving you the energy to get the most out of each and every workout. Our Group Fitness classes at Fit and Fearless will give you the most well-rounded workout in South East Austin with a friendly, collaborative environment.

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This class focuses on developing aspects of martial arts from Muay Thai and Boxing. You’ll learn how to blend all of these styles into one highly effective system. The focus in this class on developing and delivering effective combinations helps you integrate what you know about striking and improve your techniques fast.

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Wonder Woman Wednesdays

We want each and every client at Fit and Fearless to get the most out of their training and we know better than most that it's hard to push yourself and your body if you're just not comfortable. Only Women's Only Krav Maga classes offer you the chance to get your Krav Mag fix in a smaller, more collaborative environment.

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Corporate Training

Keep your employees safe from any real-world dangers and offer an exciting team-building opportunity all at once. Our Corporate Training in Austin is perfect for companies of all sizes!

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