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Enjoy The Most Comprehensive Fight Training In Austin With Fit And Fearless Mixed Martial Arts

At Fit and Fearless we strive to make our members as well-rounded and athletic as possible by focusing on disciplines outside of just Krav Maga through our Mixed Martial Arts and group fighting training.

These classes will give you the tools to put multiple self-defense disciplines into the practical application while pushing you through the most efficient workouts you've ever experienced in Austin. We offer Ground Fighting, Sparring and Kickboxing - all of which are beginner friendly and welcoming for all.


Learn MMA Techniques and More At Fit And Fearless in Austin

Our group fighting and MMA training classes are designed to help you learn as much about fighting and self-defense disciplines as possible. With a base knowledge of multiple approaches, you'll be prepared to defend yourself and others no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Training disciplines include:

Ground Fighting: Get ahead on learning ground fighting techniques from instructors who are experts in both Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We always prefer to stay standing during a fight, but if you end up on the ground, you need to know what to do.

Sparring 101: We focus on boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling techniques and learn how to put them all together and spar. You'll get to spar in every class and learn how to apply what you're learning in your Krav Maga classes.

Kickboxing: This class focuses on developing aspects of martial arts from Muay Thai and boxing. You’ll learn how to blend all of these styles into one highly effective system. The focus in this class on developing and delivering effective combinations helps you integrate what you know about striking and improve your techniques fast. The class also includes conditioning drills and skill acquisition exercises used by professional mixed martial arts fighters.


Build Functional Strength With MMA Training

Regardless of your experience level in Krav Maga or any other fighting discipline, our MMA training and sparring sessions will help you build real total body strength that is good for more than just lifting heavy objects. Our athletes at Fit and Fearless train hard and push their bodies to become the most powerful, efficient machines possible. 

After just a few MMA training sessions, you'll notice improved:

  • Upper body strength and quickness
  • Lower body stability and agility
  • Core torque
  • Focus and discipline

Train And Compete Without The Intimidation 

Fighting classes can be daunting for any new student. But at Fit and Fearless, we have carefully fostered a tight-knit community of athletes and instructors who work together each and every day to achieve their goals. Our MMA and group fighting classes allow you to learn multiple disciplines without the judgment of others. 

And each time students spar or ground grapple, our highly skilled instructors ensure that students remain safe and within the boundaries of the discipline. 

Start Your Kickboxing and MMA Training Today!

Take on the most efficient workouts in Austin while learning valuable skills that might one day save your life with our MMA training at Fit and Fearless. Men and women of all experience levels are welcome to join us. Simply fill out the form on your screen today for more information or to get started! 

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