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Fit and Fearless has become a second home to me. The instructors and members are all so kind and uplifting. I feel that I'm a welcomed member of the community and each time I go (which is nearly every day) I see a face I recognize and I receive encouragement. Fit and Fearless has become an integral and significant part of my life and I have already experienced phenomenal growth in health and in other aspects of my personal life since becoming a member.

Jesse P.

I tried Fit and Fearless last April going to Krav Maga classes twice a week and after a couple of months I try to take a couple classes a night as often as I can. Great gym with awesome instructors that push your limit in every session. After an hour class, whether it's Krav Maga, Bag, Fit, MMA or Sparring, you will be physically exhausted but feel like you can take on the world at the same time. If you want to grow stronger in ways you didn't even know possible, you owe it to yourself to check out Fit and Fearless.

Trent S.

Loving it so far. About two weeks in. Great practical skills developed from day 1. Fantastic workout without a ton of downtime between activities. Keeps the heartrate up. Great sense of community without a ton of formality that can kludge up the works at some schools (not that formality is wrong, per se, but F&F has no formality solely for the sake of formality). Very welcoming place.

Josh G.

Being a retired service member and the extreme fitness from serving I have found this at Fit and Fearless. The instructors are the most professional I have meet and care a great deal for their students to succeed in our own goals. I now have a new challenge to myself by "Make a Vet Sweat" to combat my injuries and Fit and Fearless will help me reach that goal..

Jeff N.

This Krav Maga gym has some of the most passionate, knowledgeable, and intense instructors that I have come across in my martial arts and military training:Army Modern Combatives, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and now Krav Maga.

Fit and Fearless has a very in depth Instructor-candidate training pipeline that properly prepares phase candidates to succeed. Once certified, instructors are required to maintain a high level of technical expertise that is routinely evaluated by external subject matter experts in Krav Maga to ensure current instructors are providing quality and updated Krav Maga curriculum to their students. You will receive the best and most current curriculum that Krav Maga World-Wide has to offer through Fit & Fearless!

If you want to be involved in an amazing community for all levels: children, teens, and adults- this is your gym. Whatever it is that you may be looking for: Conditioning, gym community, Krav Maga technique with advancement classes, or maybe to just take on a new challenge like I did in the Spring of 2014, Fit n Fearless has anything and everything that you are looking for.

Bradely F.

I completed the 6-week Challenge Program at the end of last year and would highly recommend this gym for anyone looking to try something new... looking forward to making these classes a part of my daily routine again!

Amanda P.

Just did a 6 week challenge to Kickstart my health and this place is amazing. Great instructors and welcoming. Definitely gonna keep going

Cody H.

Tremendous workout! Great staff that will keep you motivated through the class, and a wide variety of classes to keep you coming back. IF it is your first visit, make sure to bring some water. Real community/family feel.

Fraser T.

Fit and Fearless is the best for self defense! I've been to 3 other self defense gyms in Austin and this is by far the best structured, most practical, and absolutely the best workout. They focus on technique as well as endurance.

I've been a member here for about 1.5 years and have seen my endurance increase dramatically. I've learned some great skills and am continually challenged to improve. The beginning of class is an intense warm up, followed by some basic skills, and then a real life scenario drill. You really never know when you'll need these skills, so the practical real life drills really bring everything home.

Robins level 1 classes are amazing. She focuses on technique and makes sure we all have fun while we are there. She spends a lot of time one-on-one with the students to ensure any questions they have get answered and they are continuously improving.

Kate W.

I joined Fit and Fearless in January 2013 after a friend recommended trying Krav Maga and from the first lesson I loved it! It's a great combination of exercise and self-defense techniques, and there is no ceremony to it. It's purely about how to defend yourself in the most efficient way possible (which is usually to be aggressive right back). Fit and Fearless have always been friendly and welcoming. I've visited other studios and the machismo is overwhelming - F&F are like an extended family. You'll quickly get to know the staff and instructors on a first name basis -and they'll know you - and you'll have fun at their social events too. There's a reason that so many women attend their classes. I highly recommend you try them out for a couple of classes - you'll probably stay!

James S.

Fit & Fearless is a community. One pillar of it, in particular, is Parker Westbrook -- my favorite instructor. All of the instructors are fantastic in terms of their technique and teaching ability, but Parker provides stories. She's able to make a technique or drill make sense and become relevant. She embodies the first principle of Krav Maga and that's to avoid a fight in the first place. Everything becomes a game in her class and she always has a new trick up her sleeve. Her classes are far more tactical and teach you self-possession and craftiness. She encourages us to run like crazy and cheat our way through any drill, wherever possible, because there is no such thing as cheating in Krav. The brain never goes autopilot in her classes and her workouts rarely ever feels like exercise because of that. She is as kind as she is powerful; always making herself available to students and is very supportive for problems happening outside the classroom as well. The confidence and reassurance you walk away with is much more salient.

Elizabeth R.

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